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THE HARLEM HAMFATS - Masters of Jazz and Blues 1936-1944 - 4 CD Set

THE HARLEM HAMFATS - Masters of Jazz and Blues 1936-1944 - 4 CD Set
CD / Product Number: JSP77201

LAST ONE! When it's gone, it's gone!
The Hamfats combined blues and popular material. Trumpeter Herb Morand and clarinettist Odell Rand joined Joe and Charlie McCoy and Horace Malcolm on piano to play music both cultivated and down home. The result? Goodtime music, played with the skill and panache of experienced session men. Irresistible.
Remastered with a full discography.


Disc 1

1.Oh! Red
2.Lake Providence Blues
3.Live And Die For You
4.New Oh Red!
5.What You Gonna Do
6.She’s Gone Again
7.Let’s Get Drunk And Truck
8.Move Your Hand
9.Sales Tax On It (But It’s The Same Thing)
10.You Done Tore Your Playhouse Down
11.Little Girl
12.Southern Blues
13.My Garbage Man
14.Weed Smoker’s Dream
15.If You Want To Live
16.I Feel Like A Millionaire
17.Bad Luck Man
18.My Daddy Was A Lovin’ Man
19.She’s Trickin’ Me
20.We Gonna Pitch A Boogie (Tk A)
21.Hamfat Swing
22.Who Done It
23.Growling Dog
24.We Gonna Pitcha Boogie (Tk C)
25.Keep It Swinging Round And Round
26.Ooh-wee Babe
27.I Don’t Want You Loving Me
28.She’s A Mellow Mother For You

Disc 2

1.Hallelujah Joe Ain’t Preachin’ No More
2.What’s My Baby Doin’
3.It Was Red
4.I Feel Like Going To Town
5.I’m So Glad
6.Jam Jamboree
7.Down In Shady Lane
8.I’m Cuttin’ Out
9.Hoodooin’ Woman
10.I Love That
11.My Old Lady Blues
12.Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes
13.You Drink Too Much
14.Empty Bed Blues
15.Let Your Linen Hang Low
16.If You’re A Viper
17.Rosetta Blues
18.It’s Your Turn
19.Let’s Fall In Love Again
20.Worried Mind Blues
21.Tempo De Bucket
22.You Got The Devil To Pay
23.Time’s A-Wastin’
24.Black Gal You Better Use Your Head
25.Root Hog Or Die
26.You Got To Be Satisfied
27.Toodle Oo Blues
28.Rampart And Gravier Blues

Disc 3

1.What’s On Your Mind
2.Broken Hearted Blues - PALOOKA WASHBOARD BAND
3.We Gonna Move
4.Back Door
5.You Done Tore Your Pants With Me
6.Save Me Some
7.Don’t Start No Stuff
8.Let Me Feel It
9.Little Girl
10.I’d Rather Be With You
11.I’m In So Much Trouble Now
12.I Believe I’ll Make A Change
13.It Will Never Happen Again
14.Trading Old Love For New
15.Stay On It
16.Delta Bound
17.You Got To Go When The Wagon Comes
18.How Long Baby (Will You Keep Me This Way)
19.Harlem Jamboree
20.Mellow Little Devil
21.The Barefoot Boy
22.Stomp It Out Gate
23.The Candy Man
24.Oh Rider
25.Stay Away From My Door
26.All On Account Of You
27.You’ve Had Your Last Good Time With Me

Disc 4

1.What Was You Doing
2.Something Wrong With My Mind
3.Way Down That Lonely Road
4.When The Sun Goes Down In Harlem
5.That’s Going To Ruin Your Beauty Spot
6.Bartender’s Blues
7.Ready For The River
8.Rockin’ Myself To Sleep
9.Business Is Gone Away
10.You Done Turned Salty On Me
11.You Brought Me Everything But Love
12.Oh Babe, Has Your Money Come
13.Take Me In Your Alley
14.You Can’t Win In Here
15.When My Love Has Come Down - BIG JOE and HIS WASHBOARD BAND
16.If You Take Me Back
17.I’m Through With You
18.When You Said Goodbye
19.I Love You Baby - BIG JOE and HIS RHYTHM
20.What Will I Do
21.Oh Red’s Twin Brother
22.We Can’t Agree
23.Let’s Try It Again
24.I’ll Get You Off My Mind
25.It Ain’t No Lie
26.Your Money Can’t Buy Me
27.I’m Alright Now