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JOE ROBICHAUX - 1929-1933

JOE ROBICHAUX - 1929-1933
CD / Product Number: BDW8057

Joe Robichaux was a New Orleans pianist who began his career in the late Teens and remained active until the early 1960s. During this time he played with many jazz greats, including Punch Miller, Oscar Celestin, Kid Rena, Lee Collins and George Lewis. This compilation covers the sides recorded by Joe Robichaux and His New Orleans Rhythm Boys for Vocalion in 1933, as well as two 1929 recordings by Christina Gray featuring Robichaux's piano accompaniment recordings.


Christina Gray
Christina Gray (v), Joe Lawrence (v) (as noted), accompanied by Joe Robichaux (p).
New Orleans, December 13, 1929
1. The Reverend Is My Man
2. A Just Like You Walked In, You Can Walk Out (
Joseph Robechaux (sic) and his New Orleans Rhythm Boys
Joe Robichaux (p) directing Eugene Ware (t), Alfred Guishard (cl,as,v), Gene Porter (cl,ts), Walter Williams (g,v), Ward Crosby (d,vib,chimes), unknown (sp) by two members of the band unknown (v).
New York, August 22, 1933
3. Ring Dem Bells
4. St. Louis Blues (
5. Zola
6. Foot Scuffle
7. King Kong Stomp
8. Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time)
9. Saturday Night Fish Fry Drag
New York, August 23, 1933
10. Every Tub
11. The Riff
12. After Me The Sun Goes Down
13. Jig Music
New York, August 24, 1933
14. You Keep Me Always Living In Sin
15. Sleep, Come On And Take Me
16. Just Like A Falling Star
17. I Would Do Anything For You
New York, August 25, 1933
18.She Don't Love Me
19. Lazy Bones
20. Forty-Second Street
21. Why Should I Cry For You
As above, with Chick Bullock (v) added.
New York, August 26, 1933
22. Shake It And Break It
23.That's How Rhythm Was Born
24. Swingy Little Thingy