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THE FROG BLUES and JAZZ ANNUAL No1 - Musicians, Records, Music of the 78 Era

THE FROG BLUES and JAZZ ANNUAL No1 - Musicians, Records, Music of the 78 Era
CD / Product Number: FrogA1

This No1 collector edition is available a new and important book for all lovers of Blues and Jazz music from the era of the 78 record. Containing original research articles by renowned writers Chistopher Hillman, Paul Swinton, Terry Heath, John Collinson, Howard Rye, Richard Rains, Joe Moore, Max Haymes, John Wilby and many others. Reprints and updates on 'lost' articles by Fred Cox and Mac McCormick, plus original portrait artwork by Chris Powell.
176 packed A4 pages of text with over 140 photographs and illustrations, many previously unpublished. From Louis and Cab to Leroy Carr, 'Burn Down' Garnett to Fletcher Henderson, Thomas Morris to Henry Thomas and 'Boodle It' Wiggins to Arnold Wiley. They're all here and many more in the No1 edition of this exciting publication.
And as if that's not enough, each copy comes with a complimentary 26 track CD that includes many classic recordings as well as previously unissued rarities, test pressings and field recordings plus alternative takes by some of the greatest (and obscure) Blues and Jazz artists of the 20s and 30s. All remastered to perfection by Nick Dellow.


The Frog Blues and Jazz Annual Number 1 - FREE CD - Full personnel and discography in the book!

1. Roosevelt Graves - Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind On Jesus)
2. Mississippi Jook Band - Hittin' The Bottle Stomp
3. Thomas Morris - The Mess
4. George McClennon's Jazz Devils - Home Alone Blues
5. Henry Thomas - Railroadin' Some
6. Dorothy Everetts - Macon Blues
7. Charlie Patton - Down The Dirt Road Blues
8. Roger (Burn Down) Garnett - Lighthouse Blues
9. Henry THomas - Don't You Leave Me Now
10. Edmonia Henderson - Who's Gonna Do Your Lovin' (When Your Good Man's Gone Away)
11. Frenchy's String Band - Sunshine Special
12. Ida Cox - My Mean Man Blues
13. Henry Brown - Stomp 'Em Down To The Bricks
14. Wesley Wallace - Number 19
15. The Missourians - Market Street Stomp
16. Tub Jug Washboard Band - San
17. Ma Rainey - Black Cat Hoot Owl Blues
18. Lil's Hot Shots - Georgia Bo Bo
19. Arnold Wiley - Windy City
20. James Boodle It' Wiggins - Keep A Knockin' An You Can't Get In
21. Fletcher Henderson - Fidgety Feet
22. Everitt Robbins - A Triflin' Daddy's Blues
23. Duke Ellington - Cotton Club Stomp
24. Irene Wiley - Bo Hog Blues
25. McKinney's Cotton Pickers - Tight Like That
26. Leslie Hutchinson and Opel Cooper - Moonlight on the Ganges