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SHAKE THAT THING - East Coast Blues 1935-1953 - 4 CD Box Set

SHAKE THAT THING - East Coast Blues 1935-1953 - 4 CD Box Set
CD / Product Number: JSP7753

4 CDs, 100 cuts! Gabriel Brown, Ralph Willis, Dan Pickett, and Leroy Dallas. Tracks include 'Hoodoo Man', 'Cold Chills', '99 1/2 Won't Do', 'Bad Love', 'Not Now, I'll Tell You When' and other hard-to-find titles. Remastered with full sleeve notes and discography. Tracks inside.


Disc 1

John Henry (Vocal) - Gabriel Brown
John Henry - Gabriel Brown
Blues - Gabriel Brown
Tone The Bell Easy - Gabriel Brown
Motherless Child - Gabriel Brown
Po' Boy, Long Way From Home - Gabriel Brown
A Dream Of Mine - Gabriel Brown
Education Blues - Gabriel Brown
Talking In Sebastopol - Gabriel Brown
Careless Love - Gabriel Brown
I Get Evil When My Love Comes Down - Gabriel Brown
You Ain't No Good - Gabriel Brown
Black Jack Blues - Gabriel Brown
Going My Way - Gabriel Brown
Down In The Bottom - Gabriel Brown
Bad Love - Gabriel Brown
I've Got To Stop Drinkin' - Gabriel Brown
Cold Love - Gabriel Brown
Not Now, I'll Tell You When - Gabriel Brown
I'm Gonna Take It Easy - Gabriel Brown
That's Alright - Gabriel Brown
Stick With Me - Gabriel Brown
I've Done Stopped Gamblin' - Gabriel Brown
Doing My Best - Gabriel Brown
Good-Time Papa - Gabriel Brown
Baby, Boy, Baby - Gabriel Brown

Disc 2

It's Getting Soft - Gabriel Brown
Don't Worry About It - Gabriel Brown
Mean Old Blues - Gabriel Brown
You Have To Be Different - Gabriel Brown
The Jinx Is On Me - Gabriel Brown
It's Time To Move - Gabriel Brown
Hold Me Baby - Gabriel Brown
Nobody Loves Me Like My Little Girl - Gabriel Brown
Youngster's Blues - Gabriel Brown
Cold Mama - Gabriel Brown
I'm Just Crazy - Gabriel Brown
I Am Playing The Game - Gabriel Brown
I Am Just Hard Luck - Gabriel Brown
Got No Money Blues - Gabriel Brown
I Had My Hands On It - Gabriel Brown
Laughing Rag - Dan Pickett
Baby How Long - Dan Pickett
You Got To Do Better - Dan Pickett
Ride To A Funeral In A V-8 - Dan Pickett
Decoration Day - Dan Pickett
Drivin' That Thing - Dan Pickett
That's Grieving Me - Dan Pickett
99 1/2 Won't Do - Dan Pickett
Baby Don't You Want To Go - Dan Pickett
Chicago Blues - Dan Pickett
Something's Gone Wrong - Dan Pickett

Disc 3

Worried Blues - Ralph Willis
Comb Your Kitty Kat - Ralph Willis
Just A Note - Ralph Willis
Church Bells - Ralph Willis
Trouble Don't Last - Ralph Willis
Shake That Thing - Ralph Willis
So Many Days - Ralph Willis
That Gal's No Good - Ralph Willis
New Goin' Down Slow - Ralph Willis
Goin' To Chattanooga - Ralph Willis
Steel Mill Blues - Ralph Willis
I Will Never Love Again - Ralph Willis
Goin' To Virginia - Ralph Willis
Boar Hog Blues - Ralph Willis
Eloise - Ralph Willis
I've Been A Fool - Ralph Willis
Christmas Blues - Ralph Willis
Amen Blues - Ralph Willis
Neighborhood Blues - Ralph Willis
Mama, Mama Blues - Ralph Willis
Tell Me Pretty Baby - Ralph Willis
I'm Gonna Rock - Ralph Willis
Cool That Thing - Ralph Willis
Sportin' Life - Ralph Willis
Everyday I Weep And Moan - Ralph Willis
Somebody Is Got To Go - Ralph Willis

Disc 4

Blues, Blues, Blues - Ralph Willis
I Got A Letter - Ralph Willis
Too Late To Scream And Shout - Ralph Willis
Hoodoo Man - Ralph Willis
Income Tax Blues - Ralph Willis
Bed Tick Blues - Ralph Willis
Cold Chills - Ralph Willis
Black And Tan - Ralph Willis
Church Bell Blues - Ralph Willis
Tell Me Pretty Baby - Ralph Willis
Goodbye Blues - Ralph Willis
Lazy Woman Blues - Ralph Willis
Old Home Blues - Ralph Willis
Salty Dog - Ralph Willis
Cold Chills - Ralph Willis
Amen - Ralph Willis
Gonna Hop On Down The Line - Ralph Willis
Do Right - Ralph Willis
Door Bell Blues - Ralph Willis
Why'd You Do It - Ralph Willis
Early One Morning - Dan Pickett
Number Writer - Dan Pickett
Lemon Man - Dan Pickett
Laughing Blues - Dan Pickett
Number Writer Take 1 - Dan Pickett
I Can Shake It - Dan Pickett
Drivin' That Thing (Alternate) - Dan Pickett