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BING CROSBY - The Vintage Years - 4 CD Set

BING CROSBY - The Vintage Years - 4 CD Set
CD / Product Number: JSP934

The growth of radio networks in the USA in the late 1920s held tremendous implications for its culture. Radio united the far-flung cities of the nation as never before, bringing the same entertainment to rural dwellers as to their city cousins. New names became nationally famous, more quickly than was achieved through the theatre, the variety houses, the movies, or by phonograph records. Radio enjoyed the advantage of coming free into the home, so few missed it. One of the most loved entertainers to emerge in the early 1930s was Bing Crosby. Outside of America his fame was achieved through records and films, but his fellow countrymen had the bonus of hearing Mr. C broadcast every week, live. His popularity grew in parallel with radio. The airwaves were good for Bing, and Bing was good for the airwaves. This four CD set combines early studio recordings with a broad selection of Bing's broadcasts, including material that was never recorded for commercial release and a disc each with Judy Garland (a popular guest who appeared on his shows on 16 occasions) and the whacky entertainer Jimmy Durante.


Disc 1

Recorded 1932 to November 1937. 74 mins. Please / Here Lies Love / Some Of These Days / With All My heart / One, Two Button Your Shoes / And So Do I / Let’s Call A Heart A Heart / On The Beach At Waikiki / Smiles / Remember Me / Smarty / Can I Forget You / Where Or When / Have You Got Any Castles baby / Sweet Little You / The Moon Got In My Eyes / Whispers In The Dark / Josephine / Marie / The Folks Who Live On The Hill / When You Wore A Tulip / If It’s The Last Thing I Do / The Moon Got In My Eyes / I Don’t Want To Get Well / There’s A Girl In The Heart Of Maryland / Can I Forget You / I Still Love To Kiss You Goodnight / When You Dream About Hawaii.

Disc 2

With John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra. Recorded between December 1937 and March 1948. 72 mins. If It’s The Last Thing I Do / Once In Awhile / The Lonesome Road/ Sweet Stranger / Swingin’ Down The Lane / She’s Tall, She’s Tan, She’s Terrific / Once In Awhile / That Old Feeling / Rosalie / Remember Me / You’re A Sweetheart / Birth Of The Blues / This Is My Night To Dream / On The Sentimental Side / Pale Venetian Moon / You’re A sweetheart / Show Me The Way To Go Home / You Took The Words Right Out OIf My Heart / Rosalie / The Dipsy Doodle / On The Sentimental Side / Moonlight Bay / I see Your Face Before Me / Gypsy Love Song / Thanks For The Memory / Gypsy In My Soul / You’re A Sweetheart / My Heart Stood Still / Side By Side / An Old FDlame Never Dies / Sympathy.

Disc 3

With John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra. Recorded between November 1946 and February 1949. 77 mins. Wait Till The Sunshines Nellie / Liza / Old Buttermilk Sky / Gotta Get Me Somebody To Love / Connecticut / Huggin’ And Chalkin’ / I’ve Got You Under My Skin / Tearbucket Jim / And So To bed / Over The Rainbow / Love Somebody / Rambling Rose / For Me And My Girl / who / Embraceable You / Confess / The Donovans / Katrina / I Don’t Care / Ma, He’s Making Eytes At Me / Maybe It’s Because / Sam’s Song / Get Happy / I Cross My Fingers / Mona Lisa / Goodnight Irene / All My Love / Tzena, Tzena, Tzena / Friendly Star / high On The List / Pretty Baby

Disc 4

With John Scott Trotter His Orchestra and Others including Jimmy Durante. Recorded between December 1946 and February 1948. 76 mins. Start Off Each Day With A song / Medley (I Surrender Dear / I’m Crosby The Well Dressed Man / Blue Skies) / Medley (Start Off Each Day With A Song / I’m The Guy What Found The Lost Chord / The Song’s Gotta Come From The Heart / Parlez-Moi D’Amour / The Son’s Gotta Come From The Heart) / Start Off Each Day With A Song - Where The Blue Of The Night / crosby And Durante’s Campaign Song / Medley (Mr Gallagher Mr Sheen / Whatever Happened To Vaudeville / While Strolling Through The Park / The Autolite Song / Rexall Drug Song) / Chicabee-Ch-Ch / Start Off Each Day With A Song / It’s Not His Mind It’s His Music / Bing Thanks Gertrude Niesen And Jimmy Durante / Where The Blue Of The Night - The gal In Calico / And Then It’s Heaven / Uncle Remus Said / How Are Things In Gloccamorra / Feudin’ And Fightin’ / I’ll Dance At Your Wedding / As Long As I’m Dreaming.